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About me

Hallo, I'm Alexis and I love traveling with my four crazy kinder: Jude, Luca, Hart, & Hyde. My children have grown up loving to go on "adventures", whether its a local hike or somewhere overseas.

When I first started having babies, I mostly traveled alone with kids. I didn't live near family, so I had to travel to see them. The first time I traveled with my newborn, I felt nervous... but  I did it and you know what?.... It went fine, and we got to our desired destination. It made me feel proud of myself and my baby. Slowly, I traveled to more destination, with more kids, and I got better at it.

Something I was nervous about became my passion. When my two oldest where toddlers, we lived in San Diego and I started giving talks about travel to young military families. I wanted to help make travel accessible to all families.   

Recently, my family and I got the opportunity to live in Europe. This has taken our love of traveling to a whole new level. We use every opportunity to travel around Europe. Through each adventure, we learn more about the world around us. 


We are a family with six personalities (sometimes it feels like more), six different ages and millions of shenanigans. 

I have many people ask me about traveling with four bambini in tow. I wanted to make this blog to give insight into how I enjoy my kids on trips.

Because parenthood is an adventure and not a perfect journey, I'll tell you the ways we could have done things differently. I also want to hear from you about your experiences.

Thanks for stopping by our site. I hope it helps you "get on your way" (thx Dr. Seuss)

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