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It's important to get out in the world and explore with kids. There's about two hours of nice play at home each day, before we need to get out of the house. Get out and explore. Get those little sponges out in the world and let them soak it up. I have learned so much about each child through different experiences. Most things in the world are new to kids, so even a new park across town gives lots of opportunity to have fun. The best part of adventures is that they  get out some of that bottomless energy inherent to all children. 

On this page you will find  the places we have been fortunate enough to  explore.  Here you'll find how what our favorite kid activities are, what we ate, and what we probably should have done differently (I did mention we are a REAL family).

Reading about our experiences, you'll notice that most of our activities are not necessarily geared toward kids. We do not stick to stereotypical "kid friendly" activities. Not to say we don't go to kid attractions. 


We definitely stop at playgrounds and parks for some running around after morning of museums and historical sites. I find if I teach them about everywhere we go, they enjoy it and actually learn something. That being said, I am a giant 12 year old and love a Disney world trip. I  probably get more excited about a petting zoo than my children. Keep in mind:  trips are for EVERYONE to enjoy together, so that means parents, as well as kids.


As a parent, if you are enjoying your trip, it is more likely that your kids will enjoy it. If you are engaged in an activity and share it with your children, they will relish in your attention. Joy is contagious. I don't think its a coincidence my favorite vacation spots are also my children's. 

Each new experience is done as a family and that's what makes each adventure worthwhile. 

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